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rainbow pile

So what's on your bookshelf? 

On mine - a set of wonderful colours..

numero tre: hmmmm monday

1. it's monday morning

2. photographer left!

3. still without jeans:)

4. i might be looking prettier after  enough rose...

5. did i wear stained dress the whole day???


Зеленый змей пришелся очень кстати! :) Кухня обрадовалась
Бьет челом...
So i've been counting this morning after shower.. After all the washing and drying, I used:

- Calendulae cream for after-depilation zones
- Anti-cellulite cream for cellulite-prone zones
- Anti-varicose cream for varicose veins zones
- Moisturizing cream for face
- Different moisturizing cream for what was left from the body

Not that I do it every day exactly, but its tiny bit scary - and what if some places overlap?? And I can think of so many more creams... under-eye cream, nail cream, hand cream, feet cream...

Anyways, its the beginning of 'no-jeans' month today. I'll think more about the conditions, and it surely is way easier to do in summer - but basic condition is to wear no jeans during one month, and try wearing skirts/dresses. And I'll be taking pictures:)
Берлин - удивительный город! Сказка, местами мрачноватая, местами светлая.
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они и мы..

в нашем доме поселился замечательный сосед ...Collapse )

Venezia bellissima

Sun falling behind the horizon and pink-glass lamp stands...and can you smell the sea? just so venice